Rockwall Buy Online

Experience the rush of just you and the wall! See if your strength will get you to the top or have you falling into the pit of foam cubes!

Dodgeball Buy Online

Are you competitive? This is your shot to show everyone that you are the most EPIC athlete. Bob, weave and jump to dodge all of the balls coming your way. As a group or alone, dodgeball is the perfect way to get your heart pumping.

Foam Pits Buy Online

Run, jump, fly! The Foam Pit is the perfect spot for you flip and fly from our jump platform into the softest pit of foam cubes! This leap of faith will leave you smiling!

Kid's Court Buy Online

Kid’s Court is the perfect area for ages 6 & under to laugh and play with their parents without the fear of getting bounced around by the big kids. Let your little ones experience the big fun of Adrenaline!

Performance Trampoline Buy Online

Our performance trampolines are the most epic spot for all of the acrobats, stuntmen, and daredevils! Jump as high as you can and show off all of your skills. Try all of those tricks you’ve been wanting to and see how high you can make it up the wall! What’re you waiting for? Come try it today!

Virtual Reality Learn More

At Adrenaline, we offer Virtual Reality games that let you be your own superhero, zombie fighter or battle star. The 360-game is everything you’ve been missing, and this is the perfect opportunity to experience it.

Escape Rooms Learn More

Time is of the essence! Our Escape Rooms are the perfect place to practice your team-building, problem-solving and critical-thinking. After the door shuts, you and your team must find the clues, solve puzzles and escape.

Awesome time for kids of all ages. They have plenty of seating for parents to comfortably watch the activities AND have multiple TV's to watch so you don't feel like you have to miss out on a good game while the kiddos play or attend parties!

Jessica Jung

It was great fun! The kids (and adults TBH) had a blast. It was so nice to have a party coordinator who took care of everything so I could focus on the people who came for my son's birthday party. ”

Sokina Begum


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