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Put your jumping skills to the test with our unique spins on classic games and sports like dodgeball, basketball, parkour, and gymnastics!


Experience the rush of just you and the wall! See if your strength will get you to the top or have you falling into the pit of foam cubes!



Are you competitive? This is your shot to show everyone that you are the most EPIC athlete. Bob, weave and jump to dodge all of the balls coming your way. As a group or alone, dodgeball is the perfect way to get your heart pumping.


Battle Beams


Foam Pits

Run, jump, fly! The Foam Pit is the perfect spot for you flip and fly from our jump platform into the softest pit of foam cubes! This leap of faith will leave you smiling!


Kids Court

Kid’s Court is the perfect area for ages 6 & under to laugh and play with their parents without the fear of getting bounced around by the big kids. Let your little ones experience the big fun of Adrenaline!


Performance Trampolines

Our performance trampolines are the most epic spot for all of the acrobats, stuntmen, and daredevils! Jump as high as you can and show off all of your skills. Try all of those tricks you’ve been wanting to and see how high you can make it up the wall! What’re you waiting for? Come try it today!


Virtual Reality

Step into a world unlike any other! At Adrenaline, we offer Virtual Reality games that let you be your own superhero, zombie fighter or battle star. The 360-game is everything you’ve been missing, and this is the perfect opportunity to experience it.

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Bomb Party Escape Room

You are all CIA Agents. You have tracked this enemy of the U.S. to this building. Sadly, the target has escaped but before he left he set two bombs. You have 45 minutes to diffuse the bombs. Good Luck Agents!


Time is of the essence! Our Escape Rooms are the perfect place to practice your team-building, problem-solving and critical-thinking. After the door shuts, you and your team must find the clues, solve puzzles and escape.The clock is ticking…will you make it out in time?


The Fed Escape Room

You are all now bank robbers. You read recently that Trump is putting a new $1,000 in the circulation. Your goal is to break in the safe  and take the first ever $1,000 bill and get out before the police arrive. You have 60 minutes…Good Luck!

Western Escape Room

Howdy there! Y’all are all debt collectors. The local saloon has been skipping tax payments. Your job is to break in, steal the money, and mail it to me through the pony express. You have 45 minutes till the owner gets back! Good Luck!

Riddle High Escape Room

You are all going to high school. Classmates must save Riddle High from an outrageously strict detention policy. The school has been writing students up for minor things and punishing the students with lots of Saturday detentions. You and your classmates have a plan…. I’ll distract the teacher, break into the detention room, and steal the detention slips. You will likely need to cause a disturbance in order to escape unseen. The teacher can only be distracted for 60 minutes. Good Luck Students!